Welcome everyone at the ViPeTa projectwebsite.

The idea is to set up 2 servers: 1 modded and 1 vanilla.

The modded version will be based on Star Trek and will have mods that make you able to build starships.

Here is a basic story abou that pack:

The Galaxy Class Star Ship Enterprise-G, has been thrown back in time, into another dimension.
The star ship courser section has not been found yet.

It is possible that we can find it later, but for now only the engineering section has appeared.
We found out some of the data of the ship and made our new command-structure as same as theirs.
We also recovered some schematics from the ships computer that could be of good use.

  • On "Ranks and sections" there is a list with all ranks and regulations.
  • Every ranked officer that isn't assigned to duties cannot command anyone.
  • All other rules about the command structure will come soon underneath Command structure at "Rules".

The lowest rank, Cadet, can be earned by signing up for the command-team.

  • It is possible that you need to do some tests before being able to get in a team.
  • It is also possible that you hear a no, because some times we will put a temporary hold on the registration.
  • Every section will be explained on "Ranks and sections"
  • All ranked officers will be listed at “Teams”
  • Every monthly duty roster can be found on the forum.